Entering the do-it-yourself world.

Living in a loft is pretty easy.  Other than cleaning the place.  And putting up with occasional neighbor noise.  And hearing bus traffic.  And lugging groceries up the stairs.  And finding enough storage to keep our junk.  But when we want to leave town, we simply close the door and leave the place.  We love the low maintenance aspect of loft living and being so close to the hubbub of our favorite town.  But owning dirt, having a yard, grilling out, and living in a neighborhood is becoming very appealing.  We have a contract to buy a house.  An old house.  Built in 1952 to be exact.  Buying the house is a bit of a stretch, which means our dreams for the place will come slowly, and will require a little sweat equity.

Let me introduce the place. These pictures are the realtor.  The stuff inside is not ours.

Here’s the porch and entry.  The greenery is confederate jasmine, I think.  We may tame it a bit, but the smell of the jasmine will be welcoming for visitors.  I have visions of really big, funky house numbers to the left of the stairs.  I hope the sellers leave the yellow chair.  I think it is cute.


Here’s the living room.  I love the big windows.

View from the opposite side.

The kitchen will be a big, big project.  In time.

The breakfast nook.

Ever since we put in the offer, my husband, Scott, has begun watching HGTV, rather than his usual ESPN or Discovery Channel.  He is watching do-it-yourself youtube videos.  He is talking about buying tools.  Mainly, I think he is excited about having a place to belong–the garage.  I don’t say that meaning that the remainder of the house is mine.  Scott just really appreciates a good garage, and has missed having one while living in the loft.

But I do think Scott will work on my kitchen to make it more like this.  I like the cabinet and counter colors, and the wood floors, and the industrial lighting.

{Cottage Living}

My kitchen will have subway tile with dark grout.  And industrial lighting.  Have I mentioned that?

{Courtesy of Kitchen Clarity and featured in Lonny}

With this faucet.

Join us on the journey of home improvement, and living life.

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