The Rule of Scott explained.

Here’s my Scott.  He is dressed for a wedding.

He came up with The Rule long before I knew him.  The Rule is this: for every few great things accomplished (typically in home improvement projects or fixing a car, in Scott’s case), one or two things don’t go so well.  I think The Rule applies to all of us, but I have embraced it as Scott named it: The Rule of Scott.  But the Rule of Scott also applies to me.  For instance.  It is March, but I am still trying to successfully make Martha Stewart Living’s bread recipe from her December issue.  I am a relatively good cook, but Martha’s bread is my Rule of Scott.  If anyone can tell me how to transfer bread that has already risen from a towel to a hot pan, pray do tell.  Apparently that is the trick to Martha’s Sour Dough Tartine.

Most of the time, Scott is not as formal as above.  Exhibit A.

This is him trying out his jog swimmer thing, along with his new swimsuit.  He swam growing up.  That translates today into triathlons.   He has done several in his past.  Because he participates in these types of events, he has to do a little swim training, which means he wears speedos.  Two at a time, actually.  One that is normal tight, and one that is loose for drag.  Scott really doesn’t care about what people think of him but he does care to save a dime every now and again.  Well, if you choose the “grab bag” option in speedos at some online store, you end up with a pink swimsuit.  He thinks it is funny.  I wish it were possible to get a better view of the suit.  It has unicorns on it.  I love that he doesn’t take himself seriously other than when he should.  Maybe in another post I will show you the other suit he got that day.  It is red, white and blue.

He makes me laugh constantly, without trying.  And he is sweet.  And smart.  And quirky in all the right ways.  I think God made him just for me.

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