Half birthday presents.

My sister and I have a funny tradition.  We exchange presents on each other’s birthday.  Roughly speaking, our birthdays are six months apart so that when I celebrate my birthday, she is “celebrating” her half birthday.  Our husbands think we are crazy but sort of want in on the gift giving.  My birthday was awhile back, so I gathered a few things to give her and made her a card.

The shirt is from PB & Jellie, which I discovered at Austin’s Junior League Christmas Affair.  I bought one for myself as well.  You can see the difference after it is washed.  Meg’s is on the left, mine is on the right.  I love the fact that it looks kind of cute unironed.  I need more shirts like that.  I have put mine with skinny jeans and a thick belt.  And Tom’s wedges, which I love.  The shirt is a great price point.  I think I paid $25 for it.  I like low maintenance and cheap.  My kind of clothes.

The lotion is awesome.  A true treat.  I discovered it from Erika.  Meg tried it first.  Then I got on the band wagon.  I would use it all over, everyday day of the year if I had the cash to keep it on hand.  Instead, I rub it on my feet at night so that it makes the room smell good as I am going to bed.  Is that too much information?

I made the card with Paper Source paper.  I LOVE Paper Source.  It came to Austin just last month and I am delighted to now save on shipping costs and have the ability to go to the store to touch and feel all the pretty paper.  I actually went on opening day.  I also went in recently and bought this wrapping paper.  I question whether I can actually use it for wrapping paper and ruin it with tape.

{Paper Source Goodness}

This one I used in Meg’s card.

{Paper Source Goodness}

My mom encouraged Meg and I to make cards when we were little.  Now that we are grown, we still do it.  And now Meg encourages Jane (who is 4) to do the same.  Fletcher is only one, so he will get there in time.  I wish they lived closer than North Carolina.  That is way too far for card making together.

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