The master bath.

The new house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.  We are buying from the original owners, who have not updated at all.  We are set to close on April 4.  Less than two weeks!!  Would you mind praying for a smooth close?  (Thanks.)

One of the bathrooms is pink and black.  That is a whole other post.  I actually can embrace that one.  But the master bathroom is beige, brown, pink-ish and off-white.  It is basically the varying colors of dirt or throw-up.  At least the toilet is white–the pink bathroom has a pink toilet.

The shower is as small as it gets.  On the other side of the shower (behind, and to the left) is a series of closets–storage for the bathroom in the form of a big wall cabinet and hamper, 50’s style, the master closet, accessible from the bedroom, and a hall closet, which shares a wall with the shower and master closet and is accessible from the hall.  We are going to demolish the entire space, and recreate from square one (though not right off the bat).  Scott wants a larger shower, on the outside wall, with a door leading to an outdoor shower.  This is very similar to our setup at the Rockhouse on our honeymoon.  It really was a wonderful place to hang out and I can see why Scott would want to duplicate it!

Rockhouse outdoor shower

I, however, am thinking more about the interior portion of the room.  I would love an all white bathroom.  Perhaps similar to one of the below.

{Restoration Hardware}

{Restoration Hardware}

{Apartment Therapy}

{Apartment Therapy}

{via Pinterest, via House of Turquoise}


{via Pinterest, via House of Turquoise}

I love a clean, white bathroom, complete with white towels.  It makes me feel like I live in a fancy hotel.  I do not, however, like white floors.  They show too much.  And in a bathroom, it seems to be the place to add a little funky.  Are these tiles too crazy?

{Villa Lagoon Tile}

Or this

{Villa Lagoon Tile}

This likely is more timeless.


We would need more storage than the pedestal sink allows.  I will have to work on that one.  Perhaps an old wooden piece of furniture with holes for the sinks?

Pottery Barn has mastered the look but the price point doesn’t work for me.

{via Pottery Barn}

These fun projects will come after some electrical work, the installation of an air conditioner, and my crazy season at work.  I am ready to get to the fun!

8 responses to “The master bath.

  1. love the turquoise with the black and white!

  2. love the turquoise shower from house of turquoise…have you stopped by the home consignment store at the arbor walk…they have sinks like you mentioned, price points are varying, but i’m sure you could neogotiate!

    love your posts!

  3. I’m all about the funky tiles…I say embrace cool colors where you can. Let me know when you start shopping; I’d love to tag along.

  4. I love the funky tile…and I love your blog!

  5. Absolutely! I think it will be awhile until we get to the pretty stuff, but it sure is fun to think about. 🙂

  6. no, Amanda! I will have to check out the consignment store! Especially for sinks!

  7. I LOVE the funky tile and all of your other ideas! Cant wait to see it in person!

  8. When we retiled our bathroom I wanted white tiles but you are right- they definitely show too much! I don’t know about you, but I am a crazy shedder (half my head of hair falls out after I’m done drying my hair) and you can see it EVERYWHERE on the white tile! It’s especially bad for us brown haired girls! Having a patterned tile wouldn’t solve the shedding problem, but at least you wouldn’t have to see the hair so much! We also have white tile in the kitchen and on a rainy day with two dogs it drives me crazy! But you won’t have to worry about that. 🙂