This kitchen.

I could do dishes in this kitchen for a long time, I think.  Would the green get old?  The natural light is wonderful.

3 responses to “This kitchen.

  1. Susan Dunaway

    Am I the last person to know that you have a blog?? It wouldn’t be like you to blast out a link, but I found you now!!! Anxiously awaiting house transformations and for you to be my new neighbor. YEA!

  2. HA! just started it. I just started posting it on facebook but haven’t said much other than that…it is really just to document our house stuff, and give me a place to keep ideas as we start home improvement projects. It sure is fun though! The modern day form of a journal.

  3. I love all things that are color. The walls in my house are chocolate brown, red, green, and yellow. I’m not afraid and you shouldn’t be either. A color can always be changed or adjusted. I say go for it!