The authenticity of vintage.

There is something about little touches of vintage in a home that makes it feel authentic and cozy.  Even if the items are purchased, it is as if they were passed down from generation to generation.  And in a sense, I guess they were.  When I go into a house where everything seems to be purchased from the same store, I feel a lack of authenticity.  It simply doesn’t feel like a home to me.

Savoring the Thyme featured a great vintage store {House 8810} recently that made me want to purchase some fresh new linens for our new house (count down to closing is 10 days).  Granted, these items are not really old, but they look like it.  Perhaps that is the opposite of authentic?  But I’ll take it.

I could use a few of these.

When Scott and I got married, we were blessed to receive so much “stuff” from those who chose things we requested on our registry.  Having so much new stuff was really fun.  But one of my most treasured gifts was a package of old things–silver spoons and linens, all with our initial on it.  The silver spoons were the beginning of a collection that I have continued, and the linens are always my go-to linens when we have company.

Other vintage things I like…

These pulls from Anthropologie make my heart flutter.

I would take anything from High Street Market’s Vintage shop….like this cake plate.

Or these cocktail glasses.

I aspire to be a good garage-saler in the future to recognize a good vintage buy when I see one.

4 responses to “The authenticity of vintage.

  1. I am so glad that you found a great site with pretty things. Congrats on move! ps: I am an Anthro. lover as well.

  2. I feel like we are sharing a “design house” brain. I have an old screen door handing sideways in my living room. It’s turquoise and chipped…one guess on the person that thinks it weird.

  3. I love it! I knew I liked your style!

  4. Thanks for the comment! I love your blog. And good luck selling your home!