A pretty package.

I received a pretty package in the mail.  I appreciate pretty mail more than the average person.  I just love it when someone attends to the details of a pretty piece of mail.

This was in my mailbox this week.

Doesn’t it just scream: OPEN ME!  MY CONTENTS ARE BEAUTIFUL!?

Well.  The contents were beautiful.  Every layer was a wonderful discovery.

Even her business card was detailed.  She stitched it!

I knew what was in the package.  It was my birthday present from Laura.  It was on my birthday list and Laura told me to expect it.  But still.  The anticipation was very exciting.

Isn’t she cute?  Here’s a better look of her.

Tastes Orangey.  I hope to have quite a collection of her work over time.  Clare seems like a really fun girl.  I will enjoy having a little piece of her in my home.

In other news: one week from today, we close on the house!

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