The discoveries of a new (old) house.

The freezer and the clothes washer are plumbed with a garden hose.  A single garden hose.

The neighbors are really friendly and have welcomed us to the neighborhood.

There are exactly 85,000 lose wires in the garage.

Having a shop vac comes in handy.

There are approximately 1000 lbs. of leaves in the yard.

Scott is really talented at getting rid of above mentioned leaves.

Our neighbors might not be nice for very long because the pile by the curb is growing.  Don’t worry, a 20 ft. dumpster is arriving on Thursday.  I have no doubt we will fill it.

We are the proud new owners of lots of extra stuff.

An entire bed.

A fishing pole.

Five new dining chairs.

An old desk chair.

An old suitcase.

A 1950s toaster.

A cute chair that I think I can recover.


A big blue ball.

A smaller green ball.

A bench.

An exhaust pipe to a jaguar.

A lint covered waffle iron.

A side table.

3 grills in various stages of decomposition.

Some beautiful flowers we need to uncover.

Two yellow vintage lawn chairs.

A vacuum.

Cedar planks.

Another bed frame.

A head light.

I had pictures of all this stuff until I just deleted them from my camera accidentally.  Perhaps I am a little tired.  Pictures to come.  For now, this body that has scrubbed hardwood floors this evening is going to bed, with a very grateful heart for Scott, and our saints known as Ryan and Laura.

Oh!  And Bonnie, Scott’s sweet mother is paying for house cleaners on Thursday.  Praise the Lord.

2 responses to “The discoveries of a new (old) house.

  1. Megan Srygley

    Sending Mom to you to help out. Wish I could be there too. Do send pics. Love you tons!

  2. Holy cow, that is a lot of stuff! Can’t wait to see pics!