Our new junk.

Pictures as promised.

A vacuum.  Not sure it works.  And a cool chair that I think can be recovered and made charming.

Random bench in the yard.  I like it but I think it is splintery.

This swing is great, but needs a new piece of wood.

Kitchy planters that are original to the house, I think.

W.H.C. lost his suitcase and left it under the house.  I am hopeful I can clean it up and sell it.  I hope W.H.C. doesn’t mind, whomever he is.

Another garage sale item.

Vintage toaster.  Wonder if it works.

I think this table could be cute when redone.

5 dining room chairs like this.  I can make these cute and clean.

A whole bed.  It has been in the garage too long for me to allow it in the house.

And OOOOOLLLLD wheel barrow.  It has been very helpful.

We think this is a waffle iron but nobody has had the guts to touch it.

Jane is excited about the blue ball.  I had to promise not to throw it away.

Clematis.  I am excited about this.

Grill #1


#3.  All currently on craigslist.

Random cedar planks?

Awesome chairs.  They are already placed on the front porch.

More to come with Scott’s crazy week of clean up.  He is amazing.

4 responses to “Our new junk.

  1. I love the chairs and table that you are going to redo!!! i always like those projects….the grill situation makes me laugh. did they forget they had one and lost it in the vines?

  2. Megan Srygley

    THe dining chairs are definitely worth re-doing. And I love the side table and upholstered chair.

  3. hilarious! but why did they leave all that crap? sheesh…..