The list of things to do is growing.

How many times does one go to Lowes and Home Depot in the first week of home-ownership?  I should buy stock in both stores.

Scott is the hero.  He took off work this week to make our house a home.  I wish I could do the same, but not until June.  The project of the week is the garage, a drain, the yard, and the door to the crawl space.  Oh!  And getting rid of the junk.  Don’t worry.  The 20 foot dumpster arrived yesterday and is more than half full.  It sure is ugly in the drive way, but not nearly as ugly as the pile of junk.

One of the things we have barely unearthed but that will go into the dumpster today, as we work our way around the yard….yep!  A car light.  Weird.

The drain has been complete.  Scott worked really hard to dig this drain so that our garage would not get wet in rain.

That pile of rocks represents a lot of hard work!

We are so grateful for help this week.  Our family has come over and been put to work.  They have peeled contact paper, painted cabinets, swept leaves, blown leaves, bagged leaves.  My heart is so full.

And the “to do”/dream list is growing, but we will give our family a break for awhile.

  1. Update the fuse box.
  2. Add plugs in the bathrooms.  There are none (other than in the light fixture).
  3. Secure the mailbox and polish it.
  4. Have an air conditioner installed (the process has started).
  5. Clean up the yard.  This has definitely started.
  6. Fill the holes in the garage.
  7. Line the kitchen cabinets.
  8. Clean up the garage and make it Scott’s dream space.
  9. Make the closets and pantry functional.
  10. Plant vegetables.  Hopefully it won’t be too late.
  11. Figure out window coverings.
  12. Get a garage door that will close.
  13. Make it funky like Erika’s.
  14. Install a tankless hot water heater.
  15. Gut the master bathroom and closet.
  16. Replace rotten wood.
  17. Consider removing the fire place.  Thoughts?  It is an addition that takes up a closet that could be converted into a washer/dryer closet.  The washer/dryer is currently in the garage.
  18. Retexture and paint the living room.
  19. Oh!  And take a deep breath at some point.
  20. Redo the kitchen.  This will likely be in about 5 years.

We really won’t do much to the house right off the bat.  We blew our wad, and we want to get to know the house and establish a grand plan before we start knocking down walls or going crazy.  We love it as it currently is, with maybe a few nits here and there.

2 responses to “The list of things to do is growing.

  1. I just saw on Fly Through My Window that you have the Norma Kamali Ticking Stripe dress in a Medium – any chance you still have it? I would LOVE to buy it from you! I bought a small and it’s too small for me! Please let me know!

  2. Yes! It’s black–not ticking. I’ll ship it to you for $25–which is the cost of the dress plus shipping. I have washed it and hung to dry. Chelseabuch at gmail…just let me know!