One in every color.

I am particularly enjoying these earrings, perhaps because I have not yet put my hands on the box containing my jewelry.  I am thinking it might be easier to just buy new stuff instead of unpacking boxes.

They are $7.50, which is a price point that allows for the “one in every color” mentality.

Stella Bella Boutique is one of my favorite Etsy finds.

Scott and I enjoyed an early morning thunderstorm this morning.  Unfortunately, I laid in bed with my eyes wide open thinking of all the things we have left outside.  We need the rain and are grateful for it!  I just need to learn to pick up my stuff better.  Lesson learned.

We are also more grateful than we can express for good friends and family.  This has been a full weekend of moving.  And we accomplished a ton because of the help of our world.

Here’s what we have done:

  1. Moved all the boxes into the house (from the loft and Scott’s mom’s house).
  2. Ripped shelving out of a few closets.
  3. Patched holes in said closets.
  4. Painted the same closets with kilz to cover the grime and to prepare for a carpenter to build them out to make them functional.
  5. Unpacked the kitchen.
  6. Found our underwear.
  7. Fixed the toilet leak.
  8. Had a gas man come out to check on a slight smell of gas.
  9. Subsequently had our gas turned off for the weekend.
  10. Called a plumber.
  11. Had Uverse installed.
  12. Hung a pot rack above the stove.
  13. Fixed leaky faucets.
  14. Vented the dryer.
  15. Cleared bed of weeds (Bonnie is quite the gardener).
  16. Planted a veggie garden.
  17. Cleaned behind the fridge and dish washer.  FILTHY.
  18. Started a garage sale box.
  19. Organized our bathroom enough to take cold showers.  We have a sweet friend around the corner where we can go take a warm shower but we just seem to stay too busy to do so!
  20. Met the neighbors.
  21. Completed the filling of the dumpster.
  22. Installed a door.

We are overwhelmed by our sweet friends.  We have not fixed a meal all weekend, and even have these beautiful flowers on our otherwise bare mantel, thanks to the Semples!

A camera phone picture doesn’t do them justice because they are BEAUTIFUL!

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