House number options.

We have two options.

The first option is cute.  The numbers are from Anthropologie.  And perhaps they will become outdated.  But they are bright and fun.

They would be placed where the other, tiny numbers are currently located.

The other is what I thought I wanted.  A little modern.  They would stand up from the wall by about an inch.  They come from Breed and Co. but perhaps they are boring?  Ignore the packaging.

What do you think?  Do I keep looking?  OR is there one that you prefer from these?

And did you notice that the geraniums have been planted?  Mom brought over some potting soil and I went to town.  The pot to the left has cilantro and parsley.  Courtesy of Mary Anne.   And the jasmine is blooming.

Progress update: We have quite a relationship with our plumber but still no hot water.  I have to work from home today until the city comes to inspect the plumbing work.  Hopefully that happens early and then our plumber can come back to turn on our gas.  PRAY.

We are almost finished with shelving in the pantry, office and master closet.  Brandon sent the nicest guys over yesterday who accomplished two of the three rooms.  We think they will return tomorrow to finish.  Then we will need to paint those spaces and THEN we can unpack.  Perhaps then I can find my clothes.

The tree trimmers are trimming all our trees and started with the backyard.  We now have light back there just by trimming a little.  Amazing.

The electrician starts tomorrow and will hook up the new air conditioner.  In honor of that special day, we have listed our window units on craigslist.  Perhaps the craigslisting will pay for the plumber.  When once looks for a gas leak for about 10 hours, the bills rack up.  (Don’t worry.  We sort of counted on stuff like this.  We are not already getting foreclosed upon.)

5 responses to “House number options.

  1. Chelsea, lovin’ the blog! I kind of like the Anthropologie ones. I like the design of the modern ones, but they seem to blend in with the house color too much. Not that my opinion matters:) Hope you’re doing well!

  2. Love the Anthropologie numbers! Those will never become dated in Austin, TX. 🙂

  3. I vote for the Anthropologie numbers! Loving all the updates!

  4. I love the Anthro numbers. I saw those the other day and thought they looked like you.

    Man, I understand the adventure/excitement/huge pain of renovating a house! We have 2 major projects left, 1 medium, and about a half a dozen small ones. Someday it will be worth it?!

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