Mamie and the garden.

Mamie is my grandmother and she is a pistol.

This is me, Meg, and Mamie at her 80th birthday party.

When you ask her how she is doing, she says, “I am tryin’ to stay out of trouble!”

When I close my eyes and think of her, she has a hose in her hand.  The lady loves gardening.  And she loves watering.  I think her time hand watering is her time to think.  There are two things we discuss with every phone call: the weather and the garden.  She prides herself on quality and quantity, where the garden is concerned.  She used to have contests with her friend, Jack, for both.

I recently planted my first garden and started composting.  I seem to be migrating towards interests connected to Mamie (watching the weather included).

When she learned that Starbucks gave away free coffee grounds for composting, she made it a point to be there before anyone else could get the free compost.  She had a tally going of just how many pounds of free grounds she had collected from Starbucks.  By the end of the season, it was something like 1100 pounds.  And I am not exaggerating.  Her garden smelled like coffee.  And she beamed with pride.

A few years ago, we took a family vacation to Duck, North Carolina and Mamie came with us.  She collected a bunch of seaweed–like a suitcase full–to take back for her compost pile.  She had read that seaweed was good for the garden.  I believe that was Scott’s first experience with Mamie and it made a lasting impression.  The rest of us knew that it wasn’t all that weird.  She travels with strange things.  I have traveled with her before when she had branches sticking out of her carry-on and raw eggs in her luggage.  I was just thankful that the suitcase didn’t come off the baggage carousel with yoke dripping out of it.

But the older I get, the more I realize that all of us girls in the family have some of Mamie’s wacky parts.  And I like it.

Here’s my new garden and compost pile.

It doesn’t look like much but soon those little plants will have peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, okra, and eggplant on them!

And this might not look like much, nor will it ever, but it will make the garden look better.

Scott keeps asking why we need to make our own dirt when a truckload full is $35 from Organics by Gosh in East Austin.  I just like the idea of being productive with your trash.  And I come by that naturally.

5 responses to “Mamie and the garden.

  1. so sweet! and i love the recycling/reuse attitude! 😉

  2. This post is sweet. I can totally see your grandkids calling you a “pistol” some day. Love it. Happy gardening!

  3. I love it. I feel like we might have very similar grandparents. Maybe you can tell me the story about the eggs…that sounds very interesting. Be sure to talk to Todd tomorrrow night about the gigantic compost pile…of quail guts. I’m sure you could help yourself if you wanted to add a little to yours.

  4. love, Love, LOVE! Isn’t it awesome to realize that we are totally from the people we came from. I love those little things that I find that I didn’t know I was good at until I tried them. Like gardening. Apparently I have a green thumb. My dad, thought it was hilarious. He said, and I quote, “Duh. You come from a very long line of farmers, girl!” And the pieces all come together.

  5. I love the garden post. Great picture of you, sister and mami!
    Can’t wait to see the produce from your garden!