Egyptian Magic.

I very rarely read a style magazine and decide I need to buy their recommendations.  But over Christmas, I picked up the current InStyle Magazine, which featured Egyptian Magic.  And for some reason I decided I needed it.  But I really like it and am glad I succumbed to the marketing.

It is a great lotion to heal tired hands.  And lately, my hands have been tired.  You, too, may succumb to the marketing here.

Praise the Lord that our office is closed today.  I will celebrate Good Friday by spreading compost (which I purchased, mine has not yet finished “cooking”), spreading mulch, and hanging curtains, before going to a fun party with some of our favorite friends.  And probably lathering my hands in Egyptian Magic.

One response to “Egyptian Magic.

  1. Thanks so much for coming out to the country for the party. Please tell me where you purchased your Egyptian Magic…my hands are tired too!