Scott and I worked ourselves silly on our Friday off, and all day Saturday.  I will report on our projects in an upcoming post.  But Sunday was the most fun, so let’s talk about that!

We took the day off, mostly.  After-church-lunch was at Mom and Dad’s, with the Buchholtz kids and some welcomed extras of Rachel and Amanda.  (We missed you, Bonnie!)  From the pictures below, you would think that there were only two guests: Sophie and Drew, but I promise there were more!  Sophie and Drew belong to Ross and Patricia.  And boy are they sweet.  They both took long naps during lunch but then got up ready to play!  They are 11 months a part and so easy to love!

Scott found a toy that suited him.

But needed a little help getting going.

It was later discovered that his difficulty getting going had more to do with the fact that he was in reverse.

He is a really smart guy.  Doesn’t he look smart?

Very smart.

Yep.  That’s my husband!  And guess what.  Someone besides me thinks he is cool enough to copy.

Like father, like son…Ross LOVES the two-wheeled version.

This equals trouble for years to come.  Can you see the fear in Patricia’s face?

2 responses to “Easter.

  1. beautiful babies and God’s perfect answer to prayer.
    Scott makes everything so fun! Loved having all the B’s here in one place!

  2. Looks like you guys had a wonderful Easter…just think only 5 more weeks of session. Maybe lunch when it’s all over?