Newly plumbed kitchen sink.

This beauty was the inspiration for some new sink plumbing.

The sink backed up in the morning.  Scott went to Home Depot on his lunch break.  And then, after about 20 minutes of sitting in front of the sink, making a lot of noise about how stinky it was, he had redone the plumbing of the kitchen sink.  It is amazing how much better a sink works when you don’t have a bunch of junk stuck in it, and you allow gravity to do what it does best.

Don’t you like how Scott tucked his shirt in?  He was worried about showing crack.  For obvious reasons.  He does not aspire to be a “real” plumber.

3 responses to “Newly plumbed kitchen sink.

  1. 🙂

  2. HAHAHAHHA. 2 things here: shirt tuck. AND DISGUSTING PIC…were you like “oh hold on babe I gotta take a picture of that”…I almost barfed. But as a daughter of a licensed master plumber I find this hilarious. We will decompress tomorrow about this post.

  3. Glad my visit was after the flushing of the pipes!