Living room inspiration.

Have you heard of the House of Fifty?  I had not taken the time to look at it until now but I think I liked every page!  I also like that it is not that long.  You can “read” (meaning look at all the pictures) in one sitting.

I found this spread to be a great source of color inspiration for my own living room.  I like that this living room is simple, but not super matchy.  The furniture is mostly neutral, but the room is not.  I love the Union Jack pillow, the wall color, and that I think I could use the curtains I currently own in a room kind of like this.

I am actually planning my entire living room around the curtains in the below picture.  I had something very similar made for the loft.  They can make a room look very formal, but I don’t want that.

Not a huge fan of the animal print in either picture but I love that it is unexpected.

Below are pictures of my own house, with curtains hung.  I want to rethink the color scheme, getting rid of the pink.

As it turns out.  An old couch in a loft looks sort of cool and unexpected.  And old couch in an old house makes it look like old people live there.  I love the couch.

It has served me well.  It also has great Anthropologie potential.

The Amalie Sofa for $3298.

But mine will go on Craigslist and I will get something a little less old-lady-ish.  And it won’t be blue.  And someone else can turn the blue couch into the Amalie Sofa it has been wanting to become.

Notice that we hung the curtains too high.  I am not worried because we will have to rehang anyway after we repaint.

Exhibit A on why we need to repaint.

Exhibit B (top of window).

Next up?  Choose a paint color.  I want something in the gray category.

3 responses to “Living room inspiration.

  1. I love the couch too! We had one very similar. Because the cushions are kind of soft and frumpy, I think it totally works without looking old lady. You can pull it off, if you want to keep it. Love your curtains! I think a gray would be great. Keep posting!


  2. Just think of all the things you can do after session is over…I’m a decent painter if you ever want some help.

  3. Chelsea, So glad you read House of Fifty and featured it in your post today!! Thanks! It has been a great project to work on, busy on number 2 and continuing to get the word out…so thank you.

    Your sofa, oh, how I would love to get my hands on it, it has complete Anthropologie potential! Have fun working on your living room design…