There are several spots in the house where I think I could use a bench or two.  First, on a wall in the living room, with a gallery wall above it.  It is a spot that doesn’t need a “real” piece of furniture for sitting, but it needs something that can be used for seating if we have a room full of people.  You know, something you could drag into a circle.

I have found inspiration on Pinterest for ideas.  I think I can find something that will work on Craigslist based on this inspiration.  Anyone have a favorite?  Think shape and style, not fabric and color.

I like this one because the two smaller benches could be more effectively used for seating when needed.

This one is really functional, and could also work in our bedroom, under a big window sill.

It also would be nice to have a bench at the end of our bed.  Something perhaps like this…

Amber Interiors also proposed the idea of a few “poofs” to me.

These are likely a passing trend, but the sure are cute!

One response to “Benches.

  1. I like the one with the book cubbies, but that one seems like you wouldn’t be able to drag it “into a circle”. But, if you get tired of the mat on top then you could change out the fabric.

    I always have wanted a church pew in my house as a “bench.”