The day we spread 4 cubic yards of mulch.

It is Wednesday, and I am still tired from Saturday’s mulch adventure.

I am kicking myself for not taking a true “before” picture.  Let me explain why.  I recently had a coworker tell me that before I moved into the house at the busy corner where we live, he didn’t know there was a house there.  He lives in the neighborhood and passes our house every day, but did not know anything “was back there.”  We don’t have a long meandering driveway leading to a secluded villa or anything!

Several weeks ago we cleaned up that side of the yard facing the busy street that my coworker passes everyday.  We pulled up dead trees and bushes.  We cut back other trees.  We raked about a million bags of leaves.  We discussed it here.

After that Saturday of pulling up dead, we knew there was more to do, but our epiphany took some time.  This is what it looked like then.

Finally we decided that to make the space make sense, we needed to make it a flower bed.  SO.  We ordered 4 cubic yards of dirt and bought 1 tube of 8 feet by 60 feet weed barrier tarp.  Saturday morning, after a cup of coffee, we started our little project.  Here is the little pile of dirt we needed to spread, taken with my phone camera.

We returned to Home Depot for more tarp supplies half way through the 7 hour project.  Apparently we underestimated the size of the space.

But when we were done, here’s what we had.

We were so tired and a little beat up afterwards.

We don’t have many plants in the bed right now.  We are going to give it the summer of fighting weeds first.  But we do have a pomegranate tree.

What’s that you say?  It looks like a weed?  Well it is not.  It is a tree, in its baby stage.  It was transplanted from Mom’s yard.  And we are very excited to watch it grow!

2 responses to “The day we spread 4 cubic yards of mulch.

  1. A very nice improvement!!! I have been meaning to text you about how great the new bed looks. Well done!!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! Wow…. LOVE before and after stories!!