An old farm table.

I love sitting around a big table with my favorite people with wonderful food on my plate.  I love lingering afterwards to continue conversation while emptying the wine bottles.  This lingering makes Scott crazy because dining room chairs are typically not very comfortable.  “Why don’t we move to the living room?” he typically says.

It is my dream to have a dining room table big enough for a crowd.  Here are some of my favorite tables lately.

Courtesy of Urban Grace and HGTV.

The last three are on my Pinterest page.

Courtesy of West Elm.

AND perhaps these chairs would be sort of funky around them?

If I could just find one of these table in my price range, I would do a little joyful dance.

2 responses to “An old farm table.

  1. try craigslist and ebay. YOu can find stuff that’s pick up only for cheaper, usually, in your area. You can search ebay by location, like so many miles away. Good luck! I love all your picks, and I, too, love to linger around a farm table. We had no dining room chairs for a year because I couldn’t find any I liked in my price range. So I feel your pain! Post it when you find it.

  2. I say paint the ones you found at your house each a different color and different fabric for each. That would be awesome!