Kilim Rugs? Heriz Rugs? Persian? Are they all the same?

I think I need a lot of them.  First of all, they are pretty.

Second, Elements of Style featured them and who can argue with a blog like that?

(This kitchen is exactly what I would choose for myself with endless resources.)

Third, my current floor is impossible to keep clean.  I think I would rather just cover it for the time being.

Design Crisis scored this guy for $160 on craigslist.

And Design Manifest has a whole post on how to get them cheap on ebay.  Sounds like a plan to me!

5 responses to “Kilim Rugs? Heriz Rugs? Persian? Are they all the same?

  1. Love your blog, Chelsea! Megan set me up on google reader… And now I follow way too many blogs. hehe. Have you seen this kitchen?

    It’s one of my favorites. And I LOVE her rugs.

  2. I am a huge fan of area rugs, having wood floors myself in our house in MD. I found estate sales and auctions a good place to find them too. Real Indian ones can be super pricey, but there’s lots of nice wool ones that are pretty and not too much. They last for a really long time, so it’s an investment piece, for sure. I have a couple from pottery barn that I bought on ebay that are great, and they were only 1/2 the pottery barn price. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for your tips, Susie!!

  4. THANK YOU for the tip! Love that kitchen!

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