Good bye to the pink toilet. Hello free toilets.

Toilets are not a very fun thing to purchase.  It was not high on my list.  But do you know the City of Austin will give you free ones?  Well they do!  It did not occur to us to seek out new toilets until we got to know the original ones in our home.  How do I say this on a blog in a classy way.  Hmmmm.  Well, the toilets left some unwanted “residue” on pretty much every occurrence, that made the toilet just gross.  Worse than we had ever seen.  Disgusting in fact.

So, we submitted our request for free new toilets (because you could not get any worse than the ones we had), and received a letter back from the city telling us where to take our toilet certificate, and lo and behold!  We took our certificate to the toilet store and they gave us two new ones.  When I say “we,” I mean Scott.  He said the toilet distributor man was not very enthusiastic about his job.  I would not be either.

Scott declared Sunday morning that he would install both toilets and mow the lawn before church at 10:30.  Well.  He did install one toilet before church, but it did not have water connected to it.

The place behind the toilet sure is gross.  Scott cleaned it before he installed the new one.  See the pipe coming out of the wall?  Well, it broke.  (Rule of Scott).  Good thing it was before church, because we have a good consult at church.  After a lengthy discussion with our resident home-repair expert, Sam, Scott was again confident he could conquer the job.

We returned home after church.  (Okay, before church was over.  The building was about 100 degrees due to some air conditioning snafu and I could not take it.  We left.)  Scott got back to work, made one trip to Home Depot, and done!  We have two new toilets.

Here’s the funny part.  All day, Scott wanted to christen one of the toilets and it just wasn’t working out for him.  He asked me if he could try to flush a banana and I put my foot down.  No.  We are not flushing fruit down our toilet.  That WILL NOT GO WELL.

I would take a picture and show you our new toilets, but seriously?  They are just toilets.  I am a little sad that we had to say good bye to the pink one.

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  1. flush a banana!!!!! hahahahhaahhaha