Outside update.

Time has passed a bit since I have provided an update on the yard.  It is constantly evolving and I find myself addicted to the progress.

Mom gave me these succulents, many from her yard, and some she purchased.  I like them all grouped together.  They are looking more established and are starting to add leaves.

My sister-in-law, Laura, gave me this pottery, which I love.  Great is thy faithfulness.  Amen.

We cut the jasmine way back and it is coming back with a vengeance.  This stuff has great perseverance.

Both the hastas and St. John’s Wart are filling in nicely.  And the chives are blooming!

I am not sure what this yellow flower is but it sure is friendly.  My mother went with me to the nursery and told me I needed it, but I still don’t know what it is.

These indigo spires were in the yard when we moved in. They are just now beginning to bloom and feeling the love a little water can provide.

And we have tomatoes.  They are not big, but they are there!  Just as long as the critters stay away….

I believe this is a banana pepper and it is about 3 inches long.

An itty bitty jalapeno.

No sign of squash yet, but the plant is getting big.

I think this is eggplant and I hope it makes it!

In the foreground is the pomogranate tree and in the background are flowers that the birds brought into Mom’s yard…she thought I needed them.

Lantana is a survivor.  It was all here when we moved in and is finally blooming!

I have also discovered some Pride of Barbados, Ageratum, and Buddleia, all of which will have beautiful blooms.  I will share those in the coming weeks.

One response to “Outside update.

  1. Megan Srygley

    Time to fertilize your veggies again. Dewey says if you see squash blossoms and no squash, fertilize. He says if there is going to be squash, you see it when you see the bloom. I think he fertilizes every 2 weeks. I thought you do it once and then you’re done, but I think this is why he has the most beautiful yard in Durham!

    I love seeing your updates! I am so ready to see this in person! Love the pottery from Laura!