A new door.

We have a new door!  Scott has been talking about rebuilding the old one since we moved in, for fear that raccoons would take up residence under our house.  This was the weekend for the job!

Our old set up required us to prop this ugly thing against the house and secure it with big rocks.  I am sad that I didn’t get a picture of the old door in place before Scott started his project.

Scott saved some old wood we found in the garage for this project.  And I do believe this was the inaugural use of the compound miter saw, which we HAD to buy when we bought the house.  For some reason, in Scott’s mind, owning a home with a garage means that you must own a shop vac and this special saw.  I did not argue.  For me, owning a house with a larger kitchen means I had to own all sorts special kitchen accessories, so I did not complain.

Notice the ear protectors.  One can never be too careful.

Working hard in the 100 degree heat.

And voila!  A door!  Take THAT raccoons!  No living under our house!

Next up is a paint job that I fear will highlight the need for new paint on the entire house.

One response to “A new door.

  1. My husband concurs about the saw. We have one very similar, though I think possibly a different brand. And, much to my surprise, we used it all the time. we, too, have an old house that needed tons of updating. The saw was an important member of our renovation team. (I’m afraid I was another important member, though I have less skills than the saw). Nice job!