Dead squash = the rule of scott.

I planted a vegetable garden the day after we moved into our home.  And the squash has done really well.  Exhibit A.

However, the rule of scott kicked in and this is now what one of our squash look like.  Exhibit B.

Apparently squash is sort of finicky.  They get a disease that kills them from the inside out.  So sad.  I fear our second is not far behind.  Just goes to show that the rule of scott applies to all.  Myself included.

Scott on the other hand is quite the rock star.  Stay tuned.

One response to “Dead squash = the rule of scott.

  1. Oh no! Don’t feel too bad though; Todd is having an orka problem thats simular to your squash. If you’d like zucchini or squash just let me know…I can get your all you need. I’m like the crack dealer of vegetables!