Lemonade gone terribly wrong.

Jane and I have had plans to sell lemonade for probably close to a year.  Today is the day.  I flew into town yesterday and we have been discussing the lemonade stand thoroughly.  Reese, Jane’s closest friend, is going to join us and the festivities are scheduled to begin promptly after nap time.  We have made signs.  We have invited people to drop by.  We have purchased cups.  We have a location scouted.  And we also have the lemonade.  In fact, Meg and I spent part of the morning actually making the lemonade.  Meg found a good jug in which to mix it, and we went to town.  After all 2.2 gallons were prepared, I began to worry that it really should be kept cold before we serve it.  This was my ultimate demise.

Making space in Meg’s fridge is challenging.  I rearranged several items, and removed a watermelon to make space.  This left approximately 1,999 items in the fridge.  The thing is packed. (Meg would like me to explain that the reason for the packed fridge is the party we are planning for Sunday.  But seriously?  Meg is good at always being prepared.)

My placement of the lemonade in the fridge was bottom left, just above the lower drawers.  The problem?  The door touched the spicket when closed.  But this took us awhile to discover.  In the meantime, about 1.5 gallons of lemonade were quietly emptying into the fridge, out the fridge, behind the fridge, all over the floor, everywhere.

It was not until Meg opened the fridge and I heard an, “oh Chels.  We have problems.  Big problems,” that I knew something was very wrong.  I do have to say that I am impressed.  Not one explitive was uttered.  We were very mature.  And actually laughed.  This is highly unusual.

The vegetables were actually floating in the drawer.

And the lemonade container used to be mostly full.

Douglas was our photographer.  We are grateful he documented.  We were too sticky to touch anything.

The kids were busy upstairs.  No worse for wear.

The Rule of Scott, thanks to me, is in full force in Durham, North Carolina.

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