The Lemonade Stand Full Report.

Jane called me last fall and announced that she needed help with a lemonade stand.  I think the way this came about is that Jane mentioned to her momma that it would be fun to have a lemonade stand.  Her mom likely replied, “You know.  I think that is something your Aunt Chelsea would really love to do with you.”  Which is true.  So Jane called me and we started making plans.  About once a month or so, Jane would ask when we were going to do the lemonade stand.  It could be snowing outside and she would still ask.

So, when I planned this trip to Durham, it became clear that THIS was our opportunity.  And we could invite Reese to join.  Reese is Jane’s best friend, and she is moving away on Thursday.  We welcomed the opportunity to have Reese’s spunk–she was our marketing department for this business venture.

First, we made signs.

We also shopped for supplies.  We bought for a crowd.

While Reese, Jane, and Fletcher played, Meg and I actually made the lemonade.  That is a whole other story/fiasco you can read about here.

After naps, we set up shop.  (Look more closely at the cute little girls and less at me.)

We waited for customers.

And waited.

And waited.

Reese became quite the salesperson.

Reese never stopped with the cheers to encourage customers.

I was actually amazed at the number of cars who drive right by.  How could you possible resist these two little girls?  One of their friends who stopped by considered posting a sign just beyond the girls that said, “shame on you.”
The key? Meg emailed her world to tell everyone we would be selling lemonade.  Her precious friends all stopped by, which boosted sales considerably!

This is about as assertive as Jane was with her sales.  And this was one of her favorite customers, Mr. Wayne.  Reese, on the other hand told one customer, “That will be fifty dollars!”

Overall, this was a really fun day.  Quite a beating for the grown ups, but so fun.

Jane crawled in bed with me the next morning and I told her I thought I had a dream about the lemonade stand.  She said, “Well then, don’t you think we need to do it again today?”  “Perhaps we need to take a day off,” I told her.

We are looking forward to hanging out with Reese in Abilene in October.  Jane and Reese have plans to be in a parade with me.  They have discussed possible outfits.  More details on that much, much later.

4 responses to “The Lemonade Stand Full Report.

  1. I think Aunt Chelsea needs to come set up a lemonade stand with my girls! They would love it….and I don’t have the energy!

  2. I would have paid big bucks for some of that lemonade!! Thanks for the story.

  3. Shame on them is right!!! I’m with Mike. I would have paid big bucks for that lemonade!

  4. years ago, Kevin and I stopped at a table on a country road on our way to dinner because a little boy had a veggie stand in front of his house. I still remember his name, and we bought green beans because he was so cute. It turns out my husband used to sit at a table selling cherries in front of his house as a kid, and he’s not a sucker for ANY kid selling something from a table. This includes garage sales, unfortunately for me. Thanks for the story.