The plumbing update.

This is what our porch looked like last week when I came home from work.

I immediately texted Scott with this picture asking what he bought.  But the truth was, I knew.  It was plumbing supplies.  Scott has spent several weeks preparing for this little venture.  He has borrowed tools from his brother.  He has studied books and online videos.  He has priced and ordered parts.  All that remained was my departure for Durham, and a lot of work ahead.  And he was excited!

I left last Thursday morning but because Scott had a commitment after work that night, he did not get to start his project until after work on Friday.  He raced home, changed clothes and started.  And then I got the following text at 5:24 pm central time.

The rule of Scott is in full force.  Calling Leroy.”

Oh no.  Leroy is our professional plumber.

I did not learn until later that night that the water main had broken at ground level which sort of halted all work.  Scott was very defeated and was not sure how to continue without Leroy’s help.  Leroy doesn’t work weekends and told Scott that he could come sometime on Monday.  Leroy asked Scott, “What were you thinking starting a project like this on Friday afternoon???”  Good question.

The next day, Scott went on an early morning run, and then went to my parents house for sympathy and food.  Jinny and Cary (church friends who moved away but were staying with my parents for the weekend) were in town and I do believe they lifted Scott’s spirits.  And they were very nice to listen to Scott’s solution brainstorming over a cup of coffee.  It was then that Scott had an epiphany.  I can’t quite follow, but it had something to do with connector parts, digging, and several trips to Home Depot and Lowe’s.  He was back in business and then proceeded to work himself silly all weekend long.

He went back to Mom and Dad’s for food and good company on Saturday night.  I think he also needed a good shower.

Throughout the weekend, I received several calls from Mom and Dad saying, “I hope you rave over Scott when you return.  He is working very hard!”  I may or may not have said something about wanting running water when I returned but I didn’t mean it as a threat!  The boy worked very hard to make that happen.  And when I got home on Monday night, all but 1 faucet was working.  Heroic.

He still has work to do, but he has taken every opportunity to continue the project.  As I write this at 7:30 Wednesday night (while anxiously waiting for The Voice to announce its winner), Scott is under the house, sporting his headlamps, of course.  He is persevering with great enthusiasm.  And boy, do I feel blessed, to have a guy who not only starts hard projects, but also finishes them in good time.

Apparently part of this project requires a new kitchen faucet.  Well, it might not require it but as Scott fixes a problem with the hot water in the kitchen sink, he thinks the current (very old) faucet will likely not hold together.  And so, I have shopped for a new faucet.  More to come on that!

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