Two birthday parties.

Recently I went to Durham to play with Megan, Douglas, Jane and Fletcher for a few days.  I went on the weekend of Fletcher and Jane’s half birthday party.  Both have Christmas birthdays and Megan declared no birthday presents at Christmas time.  Instead, she had a half birthday party for them at the end of June.  Fletcher turned 1 1/2 and Jane turned 4 1/2.

It was a pool party with a few families and I think the birthday kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

There was swimming…

There was dinner…

There were bubbles…

There was girl cake…

And boy cake (with eyes that bled a bit)…

And a little bit of cuddling with some of Fletcher’s favorites.

It was a great party.  Megan asked Jane after the party if it was exactly what she wanted.  She said yes, but she wished there was a pinata.

So.  My dad’s birthday was just a week or so ago and now that Jane, Fletcher and Megan are here for a visit while Douglas works hard in Durham, we had to celebrate Pop’s birthday.  Complete with a princess pinata, no doubt.

Pop’s birthday party was at the Rollingwood pool with our chosen family, the Brydson, Weber, and Dunaway crew.

This is what a $12, eastside pinata looks like.  I think if you spend a little more, you get a Cinderella with eyes that are not as creepy.  But the kids did not seem to mind.

I think Pop had always wanted a birthday party with a pinata.

2 responses to “Two birthday parties.

  1. my favorites are the father/son matching bathing suits! And who DOESN’T want a birthday party with a pinata? Fun times–thanks for posting!

  2. Oh I’m so glad you found a princess pinata!