Garage sale hopefully = a living room decorated.

We are having a garage sale at our house on Saturday.  If you are in Austin, stop on by.  I have had the idea for one for a long time. It seems like an “easy” way to get rid of things that you don’t need and make a little home-improvement money.  I am wanting to reupholster some furniture and actually decorate our living room (I have yet to hang one thing on the wall).  Well, I have learned that garage sales are not easy, but depending on how tomorrow goes, I might decide I like them.

My mom has used the opportunity to clean out her house.  I think my dad might now be able to park in his garage, thanks to my mom!  And I will be the great benefitiary of their clean out.

I have posted adds on Craigslist and Garage Sale Finder.  I have made signs and posted them in the neighborhood.  I have collected from friends who will also sell their stuff.  I have made a plan for an easy breakfast for all the sellers.  I have collected change/cash.  I have priced (and will do that all day today).  I have collected tables from all over the place.  I think it is going to be good!  But check out my garage at the moment.

Scott came home last night and said, “Do you think people are going to buy this stuff?”  I HOPE SO!

3 responses to “Garage sale hopefully = a living room decorated.

  1. love it!!!! the ultimate recycle and sharing project!! We’ll look fwd to a report!!! 😉
    Wish I was there to help… I love this kind of stuff.

  2. I know you posted that it opens at 8. But, the die-hard garage salers will be there around 6:30 with headlamps on. I kid you not!

  3. Nice arrangement of stuff. I’ll check bac to see how your sale went. Success?