Peaches and cream.

I am loving peaches lately.  I keep them in my kitchen window sill to ripen.

They make a wonderful dessert with a little Haagen Dazs vanilla bean ice cream on top, but you only need  a little ice cream–like perhaps 3 tablespoons.  Even Scott, who loves a big bowl of ice cream agrees, this dessert is best when allowing the peaches to shine.

I think the key to good peaches is two fold.  (1) Buy good peaches by picking ones that smell like peaches.  If there is no smell, there won’t be much taste.  (2) Make sure they are good and ripe before you eat them.  Likely this will mean sitting them out (not in the fridge) for a few days, until the skin is a little loose around the fruit.

One response to “Peaches and cream.

  1. Nigella Lawson (a fabulous British cookbook author, if you’re not familiar with her) said about dessert “nothing beats a perfectly ripe peach, all on its own.” It just screams summer, doesn’t it? 🙂