Fireplace conversion.

Is it possible to decorate a living room for $1000?  That is the budget, unless I win one of those “win a new living room” contests.

The first step will be to remove the fireplace.  I love the architectural nature of the mantel, but the fireplace is a bummer.  It was installed by the previous owner, who (according to a neighbor) completed all his home improvement projects with a glass of wine in his hand.  I am not opposed to doing most things with wine, but perhaps not mess with gas lines?  Surprisingly, gas was leaking from the line in the fireplace which required the plumber to cap it, thus rendering it unusable.  And the brick used was not for fireplaces so it turns to dust with every sweep.  Wonderful.  AND, because this was a fireplace installed after the building of the house, the backside of the fireplace actually takes up a closet, yielding the closet unusable.  So as charming as I find fireplaces to be, I am not charmed by this fireplace.  And so, I want to keep the mantel, but otherwise convert the space into a bookshelf.

Exhibit A.

Right now it looks more like this.

We have a little demolition to do, and we need to determine how to peel up the tile that are glued to the floor.  I foresee some repair work after that on the floor.  After that, we can work on making this room pretty.

One response to “Fireplace conversion.

  1. love the bookshelf idea! I’ve never seen that. And you can totally decorate for $1,000. They do it on design on a dime all the time, and some of those other shows. You already have those great curtains, so you’re halfway there! Check craigslist, and stores like Home Goods for great deals. Do you guys have CostPlus World Market there? They have great prices on furniture and accessories of all kinds. The fact that you guys are willing to do a lot of the dirty work (actually, it seems like All) will save you tons of money. Me and Kevin did all the work at our house–including a kitchen remodel–and it saved us tons. Plus, you can add to your budget the money you saved on the toilets and compost container! 🙂 love your blog, Chels. KEep it coming! (I saw a bedspread today that was gray and white with bright yellow accents, and I thought of your house!)