Living room inspiration.

This weekend might be the weekend we try to remove the fireplace.  Maybe.  But we might also just go to movies and relax.  But I would love to get going on the removal because it would mean we were on our way to a new living room.  I have collected the below pictures as inspiration on Pinterest.

The wall color of this room is substantial, but subtle.

I like the neutral couch with added color through the accents.

The color scheme of this room is appealing to me.

This is much more trendy than I would like, but there are great elements in this room.

I like this collor scheme, though I think I would replace the purple with a little yellow.

Clearly we have a long way to go but I am excited about the process!

2 responses to “Living room inspiration.

  1. I love the wall color in that first pic!

  2. Love them all – especially the first picture. Although maybe not the vase of ginormous grass. I could see that being a hindrance to good conversation.