A new bench.

We still have a fireplace.  This is about as far as we got on that little project.

Scott took out a few screws, and suddenly heard a boom from the roof and saw daylight in the closet.  After an investigation on the roof, we determined that the cover that keeps rain out of the house fell off.  Scott secured that but then determined that we might need to think through this project a bit more before we implement a plan.  The whole idea of having a hole in the roof scares us a little.

Instead, we did some little projects.  This included the recovering of a bench.  I bought the bench at a garage sale a few weeks ago for $30. I did not like the fabric and had plans to recover it.

The process took a long time, but was not hard.  The bulk of the work was the prep work.  This included taking all the big nails out, and then pulling the staples out that secured the fabric.  We took the legs off to do this.

I then covered it with a little more batting that I purchased at Hancock Fabrics.  I bought the stuff that is 1/2 inch thick and that did the trick.

I enlisted some help with the staple gun.

And voila!

The “voila” took about 6 hours or so.

The fabric is from Calico Corners and cost about $30.  It does not look like a professional did it but for a total of $60, I am happy!

3 responses to “A new bench.

  1. i does look like a professional did it!!! love it!

  2. Awesome bench for $60. Even for $100. Great job

  3. The bench looks great. I love the effect you got from the print based on your fabric placement.