The New McCalls.

Six of us rolled out of Austin early Friday morning and headed to Wichita, Kansas for the highly anticipated wedding of Jinny and Cary.  The day was spirit-filled, celebratory, meaningful, and super fun.

Mom and Dad helped marry them and I coordinated from the back.  Scott had the duty of spotlighting Jinny and her dad as they walked down the aisle (they were married in a theater).  We were incredibly honored to be part of their day.

I once heard a photographer say, “you give me tender moments and I will capture tender memories.  If there is no tenderness, I have very little to capture.”  I don’t think these two will have any problem.

One response to “The New McCalls.

  1. Wanda McCall

    Thanks for being part of the wedding. The post are wonderful and I love the pictures.

    Wanda McCall