Bad hair day.

Sunday night we celebrated my sister’s birthday.  On each of our birthday’s, we exchange presents.  It is a tradition we have had for a long time.

My gift to her was a clutch purse.  Her gift to me was a collection of “product.”  Some of them I have had before and love.  Some were new to me, including this “hair gel.”

Monday morning, after I got out of the shower, I decided to use the new gel.  She gave me two bottles of this gel.  I snagged one from the gift sack and rubbed a dime size amount into my wet hair.  I thought to myself how good it smelled–much stronger smelling than most gels I have every used.

As I began to dry my hair, I started to notice that my hair was acting dirty.  It was hard to dry and stayed greasy where I had put the gel.  I shrugged it off as “how it is supposed to be.”  When I finished drying my hair, I pulled my hair back in a clip so that I could apply my make-up.  When I removed the clip, however, my hair seemed to stay in place.  It looked like I had not washed my hair in a week.

Something was not right.  I went to the bottle to determine whether I had applied it right, and then discovered, moments before it was time to leave for work, that the hair gel I applied to my wet, clean hair, was actually shampoo.

Fantastic.  Getting back in the shower was not an option.  And so, Monday was spend with hair that did not move much and looked super weird.  I kept it in a ponytail and tried to forget about it.  Everytime I would touch my hair, I would get a little grossed-out.

Turns out, the second bottle of “hair gel” is actually conditioner.

P.S. The stuff works great as shampoo.  I am loving it!

4 responses to “Bad hair day.

  1. I have spent the day with my hair in a ponytail because it turns out I forgot to rinse the conditioner out of my hair and didn’t realize it until too late to get back in the shower. Glad to know I’m not the only one these things happen to.

  2. “I started to notice that my hair was acting dirty. ” – hahahahhahahahahhahahahahhaha

  3. We are all devastated about John’s condition. He is the last person I would have thought to be in this condition. My prayers are with him and the whole family. I pray you will all be blessed and have the strength to endure this ordeal. My prayers are for our Lord to put His arms around John and heal him. I know John has many, many things that he needs to finish. I know from personal experience that prayers do work and I pray that John can stay with us and be allowed to continue his life with his wonderful family. I continue to pray for John to be healed.

    Your sister in Christ,
    Elaine Madera