Please pray.

This is my Uncle John.

He is my burly, Irish uncle who married my Aunt Dot (Mom’s sister) when Megan and I were very little girls.  He is one of the most tender hearts I know.  Some of my earliest memories include Uncle John.  And they are all good memories.

Uncle John is non-responsive in an ICU hospital room in Auburn, California, where he, Aunt Dot, my cousins Andy and Lora, and grandmother (Mamie) live.  He took an EMS ride early yesterday morning after waking up on the floor screaming.  The doctors have ruled out an aneurism, but otherwise don’t have many answers.

I had planned to discuss plans of our living room redo but I can’t quite muster anything other than to ask for prayers for Uncle John.  He is a precious man.  A patriot, which is quite amazing, since he wasn’t even born here.  A Christ follower.  A family man.  An artist.  A soccer (football) enthusiast.  A great student of politics.  The proudest I ever saw him was the day his daughter, Lora, graduated from college.

Please pray for healing.  He has a wedding to attend in a few weeks (his son, Andy’s) that I know he doesn’t want to miss.

9 responses to “Please pray.

  1. Chelsea, I’m so sorry. I am asking God to give healing, peace and grace for this strange ordeal. I’m also asking that God will give the medical personnel great insight into what is going on if that’s how God chooses to heal him.

  2. Praying healing for Uncle John. Love you, friend.

  3. Ugh. Praying for Uncle John and for your family. Keep us posted.

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  5. John is indeed a dear man. The prayers of our entire family is with him, Dorothy, Melba, and all those who love him so dearly.

    May God bring healing to him.

    Dick, Veda and family

  6. We are all praying that God would choose to heal John, and even more importantly that his presence would be very real to his family. His love is so much greater than our pain.

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  8. Dorthy,
    We are praying.
    We love you.
    George and Jean Hanson

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