Uncle John update.

**CORRECTION**  If John is transferred, it will be to Roseville, not Sacramento.

Also, we will make sure Dot and the rest of the family see all the sweet comments left here.  I know they will be a great source of encouragement for them.


For as long as necessary, this blog is going to be a way to update those interested in John Courtney’s condition.  I know Dot, Mamie, Lora and Andy are getting a lot of questions and this can be an avenue to inform people without their cell phones constantly blowing up.  Our family is so grateful for the prayers on John’s behalf.  We need them.  Keep them coming.  We believe James 5:16.

Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

I wrote about this first here.

So, here is the update.  I apologize if my collection of facts is not in “doctor-speak.”

A second cat scan was done and nothing has changed.  Both the first and second did not show much of anything.  An EEG ruled out seizure activity.  The doctors suspect a brain stem stroke but this can only be confirmed through an MRI.   The MRI machine at the hospital in Auburn won’t fit him and would require the intubation tube to be removed.  There is an MRI machine in Sacramento that could allow him to keep that tube in, which is needed to keep him from aspirating.  He is breathing on his own but aspirating without the tube.  So the next step is a transfer to Sacramento for an MRI.  This would confirm the worst, but would allow the family to start making some decisions.  He is less responsive today than he was yesterday.  He is not squeezing hands, tracking with the eyes or doing anything to indicate that he is aware.

We are on our knees, praying that God would wake up John.  I feel like if we could get some Obama speeches piped into his room, he might wake up, if only to set him straight.  (Nothing against Obama, but John is not his biggest fan.)

We love this man.  And we know that John has more living to do.  Our God is big, and has overcome bigger obstacles than this in the past.  We pray that He will heal John.

11 responses to “Uncle John update.

  1. cindy harman

    My heart is aching right now…I have no words….God surround all of you. God please heal John!

  2. Pauline Carlson

    The Carlson family plus as many as we can tell will pray for the Lord’s healing hands on John. We are with you in thought and prayer. Know that you are loved and your friends are holding you up in strength and courage.

  3. Keith and Traci

    We just received the sad news of John’s serious condition tonight. We wanted to let your sweet family know that our love, thoughts and many prayers are with you. May John fully recover, and may God bless and comfort you all with His strength to endure. May you feel the love of family and friends around you. Please let us know if there is anything alongside prayer, that we can do to help in any way. K&T

  4. We are praying that God will intervene and heal John as only He can do. We know many people are praying for John and we ask God to answer all of our prayers for his healing. May God give you peace.


  5. Kathy Toschi

    Prayers of complete healing are coming John’s way from the Toschi Family, who have received so much kindness and and joy from Dorothy over the past 5 years. May God grant all those who are caring for John peace and comfort.

  6. Marae Lengtat

    I am praying for your family. May the God of peace wrap HIs loving arms around you tightly. He loves you so very much. I am also praying for the doctors that they would have wisdom to know how to best help John in this situation. I love you.

  7. Chelsea, Thank you.

    God did an incredible job designing our bodies, including the ability to heal and regenerate (something no man has been able to replicate in any man-created thing). Therefore, John’s body may be able to heal on its own.

    God is also able to reach beyond the rules He established for the normal operation of our world, and perform miraculously. We have all seen His miracles (although we do not always recognize them as such). If He chooses to, God can achieve any result, including a restoration that confounds our understanding of science and medicine, and provide John with a miraculous recovery.

    God can also provide (and at sometime will provide) John with a new, resurrected body.

    In the meantime, we need to be steadfast in prayer. In Isaiah 38 (see also 2 Kings 20) Hezekiah was ill and was told by God’s prophet that he would die. Hezekiah implored God in prayer (to the point of weeping bitterly) that God might heal him. God heard Hezekiah’s prayer, communicated to Hezekiah that his prayer would be granted, and provided the healing requested. We are blessed with the same opportunity to seek God’s intervention that John might be healed. Lord, God, we implore you to provide the healing John needs.

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  9. Wayne and Janet White

    We love you, John, Dorthy, Andy, and Lora! We are all praying for John’s full and complete recovery and for the Lord’s peace to surround you and fill you and for you to feel His loving arms wrapped tightly around you as you walk through this dark valley. May He be your light and your strength and your comfort! You are all loved and prayed for more than you can imagine!

  10. Laura Pagliaroni

    I am deeply saddened by the news. My heart goes out to you and I am praying for John’s full recovery. Stay strong and know that you are loved and supported by many! Sending you love and hugs!

  11. John is one tough Hombre. That, along with all the prayers streaming his way offer so much hope and *faith*.
    Also sending prayers of strength and comfort for the family and John’s friends.