John in pictures.

This is John as I have known him and through the eyes of a few of you.  Feel free to send me additional pictures at chelseabuch (at)  I will add them to this link.

John may be the most photogenic of the family. 🙂

John and Lora.

Kindly engaging in my dad's (Gary) favorite activity, John comes home with a trophy!

Jason and John.

Looking exceptionally regal in the "king's chair" at the Belagio for a family wedding.

Mamie, John and my dad, Gary.

John and Dot sandwiched between John's mum and dad, with my family perched above.

The Waters side of the family the day after Meg's wedding. None of us look thrilled except Papa.

Aunt Dot and Uncle John on a really sweet day.

Megan and I cried when they left the church. I think we thought John was taking our Aunt Dot away forever.

I guarantee that this project was accompanied with a thorough discussion of the proper way to carve a turkey. These two are not lacking in opinions in the kitchen.

I cannot resist the short shorts pictures. He still wears these, you know. (kidding)

Oh. And he had more than one pair. He made short shorts and a girly dog look manly. (Perhaps it was the hairy legs?)

John with my mom and dad at my wedding.

Megan and Douglas visited California

John with his "grand-neice," Jane Waters Srygley.


7 responses to “John in pictures.

  1. Thank you, Chelsea, for these beautiful pictures of John and his family.

  2. Your uncle sounds like a really neat guy. You and your family are in my continued thoughts and prayers.

  3. Margaret, Dale, Daniel, and Erin

    Oh my dear Dorthy, we love you and just pray, pray, pray for John, you, and Andy and Lora. You have touched the lives of so many people, and now we all just hold you and your family up to the Lord. May His sovereign comfort, healing, and strength enfold you every moment.

  4. Dearest Lora and Dorthy- Ive been on my knees praying for John and your family! Miracles happen. I’ve seen many. You are all so strong and although I don’t know John after following this amazing blog, he reminds me so much of my dad. Seeing his pictures you just want to hug him! You are loved and we are going to stay faithful to prayer for John! I know your faith is strong! I know he is in amazing hands and I know God is holding all of you. He is your Holy Father and he can do anything. Miracles. Faith. Strength. LOVE!
    We all love you dearly,
    Noelle Nunes

  5. Dave and Chris Ryland

    Thank you so much for posting these pictures. It reminds me of meeting both John and Dorothy when I first came up to the Auburn area. Little Miss Lora and giving her mints in church 🙂 John has always been “bigger than life” in spirit and presence.

  6. cindy harman

    I love these pictures! Thanks for posting these Chelsea….Dorthy’s been holding out!

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