Sunday update.

You guys sure know how to make a family feel loved.  On behalf of John, Dorthy, Lora, Andy, Melba, and all of us, let me say, thank you. Your words provide such comfort.

John has not changed much today, other than his breathing, which has deteriorated somewhat.  Aunt Dot talked to him this morning and told him what to expect from the day and big tears streamed down his face.  I think it is safe to say that he is a little bit closer to Heaven than here, but he is still here enough to show love how he can.  He has listened to the Beatles on headphones.  He listened to a voice message from his mum in London and he opened his eyes when he heard her.  His mum’s message was super sweet, saying:

Hi John, Mum here
Patty Mc Ginty  O Riley coming to see you …..and Tina and we love you….hang in there.
Gurney Rock thinks the world of you…he just says “hang in there.”  We all love you.  I’ll see you soon.
You hang in there, Mc Ginty.
Bye for now.
I love you.

His dear friend, Jason, is helping to arrange for John’s mum and sister, Tina, to arrive on Tuesday.  Jason is close enough to John for Andy and Lora to call their relationship a “bromance.”

They are expecting a nurse, who specializes in strokes, to come to the hospital at 5pm today to talk to Dot and the kids about what is to be expected.  We might have more to report then.

Through this whole thing, I find myself baffled.  John’s nature is so alive.  He works so hard.  He loves so fully.  He debates with such passion.  It seems impossible for him to be barely hanging on, and reliant on the hands of doctors.  I never would have thought that this could happen to John.  But since this started, I have felt the need to live like John does.  John would order the lobster, raise a glass of Fosters in a heartfelt toast, wrap his big arms around those he loves, talk loudly, bicker (lovingly) with Dot, and start sentences relating to politics with, “YOU KNOW SOMETHING?!”  He would make people laugh with a joke or a cockney phrase.  He would scoot close to Lora and Andy and make sure they had everything they needed.  I want to live like John.  He at all times in his life has been fully ready to meet his maker; we are certain that belief in him has not waivered.

Please pray that God fills Dot, Lora and Andy with His peace as they take care of their John.  In the meantime, if you have pictures of John that you would like to share, I am happy to post them here.  Just send them to me in an email at chelseabuch (the @ sign)

I will post several momentarily.

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  1. I continue to pray for your family!

  2. Dolly Fuston

    God is our refuge and our strength, an ever present help in times of trouble.
    Psalm 46:1

    We are all praying for John and your family. Please call us if you need anything at all.

    In him,

    Dan, Dolly, Margie, Jenny, and Stacie

  3. Praying for your dear uncle, his wife and kids, and all of you. Will not give up hope, because our God is good no matter what!

  4. The Woodards

    The pictures are wonderful and it is obvious John lives a cordate life. Thanks for posting them.
    Very hopeful here and have strong faith.
    I hope Lora Dot and Andy and Melba are eating a bit of healthy food to keep strength.
    I know the work crew are doing what they can to keep rolling- of course with strong hope their “fearless leader” mend well.
    Lorie Woodard

  5. Carina Lowrie

    Dearest Dorthy, Lora and Family. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I so pray for John to recover from all this. Keep the faith.
    Lots of hugs and love to you all..
    Carina, Cliff and Beau Boy.

  6. I met John once. Fourth of July last year, fittingly enough. I walked into his house with my friends Bryan and Alex (lora’s GF), to find this man’s man sitting in his recliner watching the world cup. Intimidated by his sheer size, I feared for the worst. I walked over shook the hand of a man who, has to easily be one of the strongest men I’ve ever met. As he crushed my hand with a powerful shake, he introduced himself. Stern and meaningful, yet with a touch of lovingness that was easily spotted. You could tell he thought us being with Lora was like, us walking with a saint. Immediately I took to liking this man. Drives a truck, born in a foreign land, yet loves this country as much as I do, worked with the strength of a giant, yet with the touch of an artist (assumption), a god fearing, family adoring, passionate man. His faith in what he believed both spiritually and politically is unwavering.

    I’ve met a lot of people once in my life, yet not many people that I’ve met once do I think about occasionally. John is someone I think about weekly. I met him once, but will remember him forever. Good man!

  7. Cara Lee Cranford

    Praying for John and the entire family…Love to all…Cara Lee Cranford

  8. Kristin Comeaux

    I’m sorry to hear about Mr.Courtney. I wish I could give a big hug to the whole Courtney family. They have all done so much for everyone, I wish we could give them at least half of all the love they’ve givin to us. So, in hard times like these it’s not about luck, it’s not about hope, it’s about trusting in God. God has already done so much in so many of our lives, we know that he can heal Mr.Courtney. We just need to trust the the Lord and pray.
    ‘Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil.’ -Psalm 23. This verse reminds us that even in hard times even when we’re facing something as powerful as death, we know that God is still there. He’s watching over us, He’s being our sheperd. He can save us, just as Jesus did to save us of our punishment of sin. Jesus will do it again, He will do it for us, because He loves us. He loves all the Courtneys, everyone! But Earth is Earth, a terrible place really (compared to Heaven), and terrible things happen. This is one of them, and we know that God, Jesus can save Mr.Courtney. God gives us tests, because He knows we can pass them. Look at Bethany Hamilton! Losing an arm made her even closer to God. Someday, the world might look at Mr.Courtney that way.
    This needs to make us all closer to God, which I think it will. I know we’re all praying and I know the whole school will as soon as everybody knows. Just think, 700 to 900 kids all praying for one special man. 🙂
    I love you Mrs.Courtney! You were always there for me!
    Keep praying!
    Kristin Comeaux

  9. The Church of Christ that meets in Yorba Linda is praying for John.

    We will have a prayer meeting tonight at which John, Dorthy, family, and loved ones will be lifted up in prayer.

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