Heaven Is For Real.

Last week, a coworker of mine mentioned the book, Heaven Is For Real.  The following day, at my friend, Molly’s house, I noticed she had a few copies sitting around.  I asked her about it and she said someone had just given it to her but that she was in the middle of two other books.  She begged me to take it and read it first.  So I did.

A few days went by with no time to read.  Then John had a stroke.  I have spend lots of time wondering around my house trying to stay busy between reports.  My husband and I have even taken on some projects in our house to keep our mind off things.  And I picked up the book.  And boy, has the timing been perfect.

The book is about a little boy who gets very sick and seems to have an experience in Heaven.  The little boy (not quite 4) did not die, but seemingly came back to Earth after spending a few minutes in Heaven.  I know that sounds crazy, but his 4-year-old descriptions of Jesus, meeting loved ones who had gone before him, the colors he saw, etc., make me smile at the thought of the people I love getting to go there.

It seems as if John is closer to Heaven than he is here.  I can’t help but think that the tears he sheds in his hospital bed are showing his sadness for what he knows Dot and the kids will experience when he is gone.  But I know he is going someplace grand.  The book reveals that this kid met loved ones that had died before him.  This means John will get to see his dad, and Papa again.  He will be free from his body that is failing him.  John is experiencing things that we can only dream about.  And this sweet, quick read will make you smile at the thought of where John could be going.

As the window for a miracle slowly closes, I don’t know why God is not giving me what I want.  But I do know that one way or another (on this earth or in Heaven) John will be healed and we will see him again.  I am sure of it.

Give us courage, dearest Lord, in the coming days.

5 responses to “Heaven Is For Real.

  1. So lovely Chelsea. I am heartbroken for your family and will continue to pray for the comforting presence of the Father for you all. When my grandfather died, my aunt said with a smile through tears, “My dad is shaking hands with Jesus today.” That will indeed be sweet. xoxo

  2. Our daughter gave this little book to my husband for his birthday. We’ve now all read it and it has brought us tremendous comfort. Another good read is 24 Hours in Heaven. Both stories provide credible 1st hand reports that I have no reason to question. They give me hope when my heart is too full of sorrow. Thank you again, Chelsea, for your ongoing updates. They mean a lot to us all.

  3. Chelsea, I have read that book (just a couple weeks ago). Certainly it gives us a more realistic picture of what heaven could be like. I love your conclusions about John. Sometimes God heals a person on this side of heaven because there is more to be done and God’s glory needs to be revealed in that kind of miracle and sometimes God heals by taking a person home to heaven. I think my concerns about dying have much more to do with those I would leave behind than with me. I continue to pray for you and your extended family as this earthly suffering unfolds and is resolved one way or another.
    Linda P

  4. The Woodards

    I have read several books on near death experience but have not read this one. Now I will.
    As hard as it may be, we all have to accept God’s will.
    The most powerful prayer I have is simply “Trust God”.
    Two small words that say so much.
    The grieving will come, and in every tear there is a pound of healing.
    Love never ever dies.

  5. My precious Dorthy,

    Have been praying so diligently for a miracle and for peace if God chooses another direction. It seems He wants your John to hang out with your dad, my dad and Dennis. My heart aches for Lora and I shed tears for her pain (and all of you). I wish I could say or do something to let you all know how loved and covered in prayer you are, but there are no words or deeds. I pray you are surrounded by your loved ones and that you feel comforted. John is the lucky one, but oh how hard it is to be left behind. Please know we all love you and are praying for you.