Wednesday afternoon.

At 3pm, California time, the nurses who have served John so diligently, removed all of the tubes that were keeping him alive.  This includes his breathing and feeding tubes.  They cleaned him up and shaved his face.  His family has been with him since then.  They had a last communion together, and not one, but two, Irish priests prayed over him and delivered his last rites.  This was an important event for his Irish Catholic mother and sister.  It was amazing that there were two Irish priests in little old Auburn, but God provides.  Andy thinks that it might be the beginning of a good joke: “Two Irish Priests walk into the ICU….”  Johne has been anointed and loved and touched today.  All of the family is wearing his soccer (football) jerseys.  The afternoon has been all about taking in the last moments with John.

And John is living on.  His oxygen levels fluctuate but seem strong.  His heartbeat is steady.  The nurses are giving him morphine each hour to insure that he is absolutely comfortable.  The only thing left is for God to call him home.

Through this experience, lives have been changed.  As I type, a man from John’s church is being baptized, partially due to the events of this week. This can only be attributed to the way John lived–boldly and fully.

Pray for swiftness and peace.  John could live for days.  Arrangements will be made when he passes.  The loss is only ours, not John’s.  Praise God for the time he gave us with John!

10 responses to “Wednesday afternoon.

  1. Rick Mikkelson

    Our prayers are with you. With our love
    The Mikkelson family (Rick,Stephanie, Cassie, and Aaron)

  2. Dear Lord, as your prepare our hearts and hold us near ..thank you for John’s love of his family and friends.

  3. Lord, please lift John up and welcome him into the realm of your open heart.
    Thank you Lord for the promises and trust we have in you and keep our loved one in your grace until we see him again.
    Thank you Lord for your strength in the days ahead and for your comfort for John’s family and friends as we all let go of his presence here on Earth so he may have swift passage into your Heaven.
    Thank you Lord for John’s life here on Earth and the many lessons he offered us all while here.

  4. Thank you Jesus for the lives that have been impacted. Still praying.

    The Townleys.

  5. Heavenly Father, I pray for strength, courage, and peace in our hearts. Thank you Lord for your everlasting love and may it comfort all of John’s family and friends.

  6. Patricia Newton

    Dear Thorntons, Melba, Dot and Family. Thanks you for the updates and we are all praying for John as he makes his way to Heaven. Lucky boy. Our prayers are with you as you go on the journey. Much, much love, Patricia

  7. The kids and I prayed Psalm 34:18 for your family this morning: “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”

  8. We will continue to pray for your family. May God’s Peace and abundant love comfort all of you.

    The Farnum’s

  9. Nadine Kossick

    Dorthy,Lora, and family,
    I am so very sorry for your loss. Your John is now at peace and his suffering is over. He sounds like he was a great guy and I am sure your fond memories will keep him close to your heart. You have been and are in my thoughts.

  10. Prayers. Leta