Details of the service.

Memorial Service honoring

John James Valentine Courtney

Saturday, September 3

3 pm

Auburn Grace Community Church

3126 Olympic Way

Auburn, California

Reception to follow

A map of the location can be found here.

By Monday, I will have details to share for all who are interested in helping with the reception.  We will have finger sandwiches, cookies, etc.

18 responses to “Details of the service.

  1. Kathy Fletcher

    Dear Sweet Chelsea – Thank you very much for the updates. Our prayers our with the Courtney Family. Whatever we can do to help make this time easier for the family please let me know.

  2. Iva and Jack Taylor

    Yes, our heartfelt thanks to you, Chelsea, for keeping us updated. You are an angel. We live near Fresno, now, so we wouldn’t have known about everything without your help.
    We will be prayng for Dorthy and family often and remembering details about our friendship which began a long time ago.

  3. Please have the Sluis Family help in any way needed. Love and hugs to all!
    Jim, Chloe, Gabe &Mary, Josh & Mariel, and Amber

  4. Rose spencer

    Yes, thank you Chelsea for the updates.
    Sweet Dorothy, please know we love you and are here for you in any way we can be! Please let us know what we can help with in the days to come! Kisses and big hugs coming your way!

  5. Heidi Wickstrom

    Yes, thank you for all the updates and encouraging verses, you are a sweet angel. Please let Dorthy know I am HAPPY to serve, set up or clean up! We can bring food or drink to share, whatever is needed. Love and hugs to all of you!

  6. Caren Yarborough

    Dear Dorothy and family,
    We are praying for all of you to find strength and comfort in God’s love during this sad and difficult time of loss.

  7. John & stephanie yancey

    Dearest Dorthy,lora,andy,aunt melba,johns mum and family,
    We are all so saddend by the loss of this beautiful man. We cannot phanthom your heartbreak but we know God will give you comfort in knowing you will see this lovely man again in the kingdom called heaven. Glory to God that john had Christ in his life and was surrounded by a wonderful family. Our thoughts, prayers and love to you, john and stephanie yancey

  8. Jerry Heffington

    This is truly a time when rest is needed. My voice is added to those lifting petitions for you and may God bless you in fullest measure. Dorothy, I’m sorry.

  9. JoJo Sublett

    Dorothy and family, our hearts and thoughts go out to all of you during this sad, sad time. Chelsea, I would be happy to bring a dish to the reception. Please let us know if we can do anything at all. Lots of love, JoJo Sublett and Bob Gillespie

  10. We’ve prayed many prayers for you all and will continue to do so. Our prayer is that you will find God’s peace and comfort during your tremendous loss. John was quite the character and won’t be forgotten. I know we’ll retell stories of that man for years to come. He was special and his absence will leave a hole in many hearts. We offer any service that we can possibly give. Just call…you have our number.

    Thank you to Chelsea for keeping all of us updated with your sweet, kind, loving words. You have been a blessing to the family and to all of us who waited anxiously for news.

  11. The above blog is from the Carley’s. All our love, Cornel, Kathy, Erika (from ACU) and Chris (from Pepperdine).

  12. We have continued to pray for you all. Dorthy you have never left our hearts, We are so sad and yet happy that John is at peace with his Savior. What a journey this week has been, Can’t wait to hug you Dorthy! God bless you all!

  13. Joanne Limoges

    Dorthy, so sorry to hear of your loss. I’m hoping to be in Auburn this coming weekend and can attend John’s memorial. I’m praying for you. God Bless you with peace and comfort as only He can do. Joanne

  14. Dot.Lora Andy and Mamie,
    My heart hurts for your loss! I am so sorry for this week you have endured!! What a gift John is in heaven with Jesus healed!! The brydsons are sending tons of prayers for peace, comfort and the love of Christ to envelop you all right now! With love and admiration,

  15. Dearest Dorthy, Andy, Lora, Melba and family,

    We are here and remain close to you with many thoughts and prayers, especially as this week unfolds. God bless you, and may the love and support of family and friends continue to lift-up, encourage and comfort you.


  16. Dolly Fuston

    Praying for your family to find God’s peace and comfort. John was a wonderful man and he will be missed by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him. Please call if we can do anything to help now or in the future.
    Thank you Chelsea for all your kind word and updates that you provided. You have been such a blessing to everyone.


  17. Laura Violette

    Dear sweet Dorthy, Lora, Andy and family,

    I am reminded today of the rich blessings of a family whose life is held in Gods loving hands. The blessing of knowing where John is and that you will all see him again. Thanking God for John and the goodness and love he has left you with and praying that those beautiful memories are so near to you right now. My heart breaks that you are going through this great loss. We are praying for abundant peace and comfort today and in all the days to come.

  18. John is my friend. His too sudden passing from this earth doesn’t change that. Though I moved away some time ago, the fond memories of my friend and his beautiful family have never been far from me. That is the effect John had on me. As I think about John, it seems to me his greatest accomplishment wasn’t the physical things he built with his hands, but rather the friendships he nurtured with his spirit. John hasn’t left us as orphans by his death, but instead bequeathed us rich memories that will last a lifetime.

    So long my friend.