If you would like to help…

First of all, we are absolutely being cared for by the incredible love of God.  People seem to know what we need when we don’t even know what our needs or how to ask.  We are incredibly humbled by God’s goodness coming from so many of His people.  We hope that the tables will turn shortly so that we can be the ones taking care of others.  Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for beings God’s loving hands to us.

So it looks like our next need is for Saturday.

Starla Miller is the office manager at Auburn Grace, where John’s memorial service will be.  Her husband is Lorin, who is the music pastor with whom Andy works.  Starla will coordinate those who would like to help with the reception.  Her number at the church is  530-823-8330, ext 22.  I have her cell as well but I am not sure she would want it in the blog-world.  Email me at chelseabuch (the “at” sign) gmail.com and I can give it to you if you have a hard time catching her at the church.  Heidie Wickstrom and Beth West from the Forest Lake Christian Schools contingency are helping coordinate as well.  Marsha Gifford will be the contact at the Auburn Church of Christ.  Feel free to get in touch with any of these saints and they will give you a job.

 Additionally, Aunt Dot has talked about wanting to plant trees in John’s memory as the preferred memorial.  John loved Japanese maples and their red coloring in the Fall.  He planted one near his grill outside and was waiting for it to grow big enough to shade him while grilling.  As such, click here for details about how to contribute.  If you have trouble, please contact James West at jamesbeth (the “at” sign) wavecable.com.
God’s grace abounds, but please continue to pray.  Emotions run high, and tears flow easily.  Please pray that God continue to fill Dot, Lora, Andy and all of us with his spirit.

2 responses to “If you would like to help…

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  2. John is my friend. His too sudden passing from this earth doesn’t change that. Though I moved away some time ago, the fond memories of my friend and his beautiful family have never been far from me. That is the effect John had on me. As I think about John, it seems to me his greatest accomplishment wasn’t the physical things he built with his hands, but rather the friendships he nurtured with his spirit. John hasn’t left us as orphans by his death, but instead bequeathed us rich memories that will last a lifetime.

    So long my friend.