Funeral and love.

We felt a lot of love yesterday.  People came from a long way to be at this funeral.  We were overwhelmed by all those who came.  People prepared food.  People lingered and hugged.  They said just the right thing.  Our hearts our so full of thanks.

Thank you notes might be slow to come, but our thanks overflows.

We went to church this morning and sang “Be Thou My Vision,” which gave us the focus we needed for today–the first day of the rest of life.  “Heart of my own heart, whatever befalls, still be my vision oh ruler of all.”  With these words, we know where to look.  We look to our God, who is all we need.

James says that a lot of folks want to contribute to the “Arbor fund.”  With all this love, we likely will have enough to plant a forest–but the Courtney family has a lot of needs right now, with John’s medical expenses and their loss of John’s income.  Please know that any excess will go to those immediate needs.




3 responses to “Funeral and love.

  1. Dave and Chris Ryland

    You have done a wonderful job with this blog Chelsea. We are all so grateful. The service was beautiful and the speaking eloquent and touching. We continue to keep Melba and the Courtneys in our prayers for the days to come.
    Love and Blessings Always,
    Dave and Chris

  2. Such a gift for you Chelsea to share your words. The service was amazing and the memories overwhelming. I pray safe travels for John’s mom and sister home to England. And safe travel to all those who came from a far.
    The Sluis Family. I know John will have the best seat in Heaven Watching Mel and Andy wed Sept 24th.

  3. Chelsea,
    We so loved you and your sister as you spoke during your Uncle John’s memorial service. I could just see two little girls as you both spoke of times past and your worries of your Aunt Dot being taken away by that new man that soon became part of your lives as well. Very touching.

    I am sorry that my husband, Wes and I did not meet you personally during the reception.
    But I know your spirit and that is what really matters.
    Thank you so very much for all you have contributed to us all here in your blog.
    I hope in the days, weeks and months ahead the memories of your Uncle John will bring comfort, peace and many smiles.
    Love never ever dies…in fact it is my belief that love is the one emotion that regenerates.
    That said, Be well Chelsea and keep good spirit that is so eminent in your sweet heart of yours.
    Love and peace,
    Lorie Woodard