John’s rehearsal dinner project.

In the last healthy days of John’s life, he started completely redoing the front yard to make it appropriate to host a party for Andy and Mel’s upcoming wedding.  John and Dot were to host the rehearsal dinner and John wanted it to be perfect.  John beautifully completely the demolition but was unable to complete the project.  Some of John’s last words were, “NOT NOW!” and I tend the think that he was talking to God, trying to negotiate more time so that he could finish this project.

But John’s request for more time was not granted and we now have the opportunity to complete the task on John’s behalf.

See the below message from John’s sweet Lora.

“This past week we have had an outpouring of friends and neighbors step into my dad’s shoes. Many people are volunteering their precious time and materials including irrigation, sod, stone and a few trees. Japanese maples my dad’s favorite… Even Gina B from our local Auburn Home Depot decided to donate a tree, and we just met her today. 🙂

“We need people this Saturday 9/10. Some people are coming in the morning, but we need people to come at noon to help lay sod. We just need some extra muscle around to help complete the yard.  Even if people can only come for an hour or two anything is appreciated.” — lots of love, the Courtney clan.

Lora’s number is 530-305-1657 to coordinate.

Thank you, thank  you, thank  you for loving on this family so generously.  Our hearts are so full of gratitude.

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