The Anthro Couch.

This is the $3,298.00 couch from Anthropologie.  I think I have blogged about it several times.

Here is mine.

In the next couple of weeks, we will have our whole house painted.  And after that?  I get to hang pictures on the wall and complete my living room plans.  For some reason, I am having a hard time taking the plunge of buying fabric to reupholster the couch and chairs.  But I have found a few pictures of inspiration.

I am thinking the couch should be reupholstered in neutral colors, and made fun with pillows.  Like one of the below. this couch isn't neutral...but....

One response to “The Anthro Couch.

  1. love the dark gray velvet. if you’re up for a little funky, a pale, grayed lavender can look really cool–can be formal or really relaxed, and is not girly like pink would be. I also love a buttery yellow on any couch. But I don’t know what color scheme you have. I seem to remember some blue and green curtains? maybe the gray would be good. trendy but classic at the same time. or a nice mossy green is always good.