Happy birthday Drew and Sophie!

We had a family party tonight to celebrate Drew and Sophie.  Sophie turns 1 in a few days.  Drew turns 2 in October.  These precious children came to be part of our family less than a year ago when they made Ross and Patricia parents.  We are so glad they are ours!

And look!  I exist in pictures!  When Laura is around, I actually get in a picture once in awhile.

Sophie sure loves her sweet daddy.

In other news, we have removed all old blinds, ceiling fans, unused, old stuff on the walls (thermostat, security equipment, etc) and are ready for painters to arrive this week to paint the whole inside of the house.  I am so excited to have this done!  Most of the house will be Martha’s Bedford Gray, with white wood work and ceilings.  The below picture is the color of gray.  I hope it is good!

One response to “Happy birthday Drew and Sophie!

  1. big fan of the gray. Our house is old Prarie (arts and crafts) style, so we stuck to colors from that genre, but I’m thinking of doing our bedroom gray when we ever get around to it. You can’t go wrong with gray, in any shade, as far as I’m concerned. Can’t wait to see the pics!