These two (and their mother).

Mom and I will meet these two critters and their momma in the Denver airport later today.

They will have made it half way across the country.  We will then accompany them the rest of the way to Auburn, California to watch my cousin, Andy (Android) marry Mel!  We are excited!  I have an arsenal of fun in my purse, ready to make the plane ride fun.

3 responses to “These two (and their mother).

  1. You are such a great aunt! I’ll be praying for you and all of the Courtneys as you celebrate Andy and Mel as best you can while missing John. No doubt his joyful spirit will be present!

  2. Tunisia Singleton

    These two are precious!

  3. Aunt dot / dorthy

    We are excited about this time for Melissa and Andrew.We know that it will be God that sustains us. Precious friends have transformed this landscape. Words can’t express adequately the gratitude we feel for all the time and effort God’s people have contributed to this occasion and life in general. Thank you.
    We are have have been blessed through this trying time, and so looking forward to Jane and Fletcher. I’m sure God knows, for me, children are therapy.
    I’m not sure there is anything sweeter on earth, than a child’s heart.
    Ice cream at the pool. I can’t wait. But I will!
    Because of God, family, and friends, we can rejoice in all things. God is good. Blessings and love to all,