Elephant’s 8th birthday.

Jane has a history of declaring birthday parties for her stuffed animals.  It started with Bunny.  I am not sure how old Bunny turned when we were all on vacation at the lake a year or so ago, but we had a party.

And wouldn’t you know it, Bunny got a Tiana dress from Papa and LeeLee that fit Jane!

The party was a good excuse to get messy in the kitchen making cupcakes.  As such, I was not surprised to get an announcement from Jane about a week before we all gathered in Auburn, declaring to me over the phone that Elephant’s birthday party would HAVE to be in Auburn.  She was turning 8, by the way.

You know, for being such a creative little girl, she stays pretty generic with her animal names.  I have no explanation.

Once the wedding festivities were over, the next set of party preparations began.

Most of the time the girls were preparing, Fletcher had his perch away from the dog.  Fletcher only likes the dog from afar.  The dog enjoyed when Fletch dropped snacks.

And then, Sunday night after Fletcher went to bed, we had a party under the stars.

Lovely venue for a party, in my humble opinion.

Elephant did not get any presents, but I don’t think she minded.

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